Rename Jefferson Square Park to Breonna Taylor Park.

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This petition is to change what is now known as Jefferson Park in Louisville, Kentucky to Breonna Taylor Park. Breonna Taylor was a 26 year old EMT tech who was wrongly killed by police in her own home in mid March. We are seeking justice for her, but we are also looking for change. Having a park named after Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner is not what one should want given the current climate of the United States right now. In a time when America is using its voice to fight for equal rights, stopping police brutality, and pushing for a better tomorrow.  We should remember Breonna Taylor and honor her in anyway possible. This would also be a historical step forward for this country as well as a way to honor all the victims of racial profiling, police brutality, unconscious racial bias, and racism in this country. Please take the time to sign this petition. Change starts here.