Put an end to KY allowing grass to be blown into roadways, statewide! Save a life!

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In the state of Kentucky homeowners need to be held responsible statewide, every city and in every county, for blowing/throwing their grass into roadways causing hazardous road conditions for motorcycles. This effects all motorcyclist! Motorcyclist that have survived this say its equivalent to hitting black ice!! They lose complete control! This petition could help save lives and raise awareness to the dangers of grass in roadways!!

This can simply be solved by not blowing grass into the roadways and holding the ones who do accountable! A bill needs to be passed to cover the entire state of KY! There's a KRS that states no debris ect but NO mention of GRASS. This needs to be revised or a new bill all together!

I started this petition because...
A close friend of ours Robert "Aaron" Lee aka Drip was killed Saturday April 6, 2019 in Marshall County, KY. He was participating in a poker run for autism awareness when he traveled down Hwy. 348 with his friends when he ran across freshly mowed grass out all over the road, he lost control of his motorcycle and passed away a short time later. A few swipes across the road with a mower or blower could've saved his life. Aaron is a Father, Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Friend (to so many) and so much more. He leaves behind a beautiful little girl who's going to miss her Daddy terribly all due to negligence that could've been prevented by not blowing grass into the roadways while mowing!!!! Please sign this petition in Memory of Robert "Aaron" Lee aka Drip and in honor of all avid bikers across KY! Let's raise awareness and save lives!!!!