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Stop shipping live pigs from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii for slaughter

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Every two weeks, hundreds of pigs are sent on a horrendous transcontinental and overseas journey to be slaughtered in Hawaii.

These pigs are loaded onto trucks from farms in states like Iowa, South Dakota, and Montana. They endure a grueling trip to an ocean port in Oakland, California, where they then start their ocean voyage with Matson Inc., a trans-pacific shipping company.

For approximately five days at sea, the animals are forced to live in their own feces, urine and vomit -- even, at times, amid the corpses of other

pigs, until the dead animals are thrown overboard by Matson’s livestock attendant. This needless cruelty must end.

Pigs are among the smartest species of animals. They exhibit emotional intelligence and can determine the attitudes and moods of other animals around them. These social, sympathetic beings are aware of their torturous conditions, and many suffer stress and exhaustion, hunger, thirst, and, too often, death, as they are transported alive across such great distances.

Matson subjects live pigs to these inhumane conditions because it is cheaper. All of this to save a bit of money.    

Please help end this inhumane practice and join us in asking Matson, Inc. to stop transporting live pigs to Hawaii for slaughter. 

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