Abolish same-location testing rule for AIME

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MAA recently created a new restriction regarding the AMCs (America Mathematics Competition): upon the qualification of the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination), one must take the exam at the same location as the AMC 10/12 test that one took to qualify for AIME.

As of February 16th it is not 100% clear why MAA has created this rule, but with the current information, it can be assumed that it is because of logistical reasons: it is much harder to keep track of who scored what, where if a person takes the tests in multiple locations. 

That being said, this rule is extremely unfair for many people who live in areas that are not actively supportive of mathematics, as many schools which may offer the AMC's will not offer the AIME because there simply isn't enough people to go through all the trouble for. In the past, the qualified individuals who were given the opportunity to take the AIME could take it at a more central location, so only one site needed to be proctored instead of every single site that offered the AMC's. However, with this new rule said setup will no longer be allowed, and thus any individuals in this situation will no longer be able to take the AIME.

This issue cannot be trespassed: the central location can't simply supply the AMC's to everyone because there will be too many people who want to take it. If, miraculously, every single school decides to host the AIME, then this is also a great waste of work hours, as a job that can be done with one proctor must be done with many. MAA created the AMC's to produce mathematical talent and interest; MAA created the AMC's for the students. But with this restriction, MAA has done a great disservice towards one of their most important target audiences--fledgling mathematicians growing up in an environment that does not already actively support mathematical endeavors.

I ask of you to please sign this petition, so we can create a more fair environment both for people living in highly STEM-based environments and people living in less supportive places. Thank you!

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