Tell Massachusetts Politicians to Let Police Use New Law Enforcement Tech

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Law enforcement agencies across the country use facial recognition technology to generate leads in criminal cases. 

Not surprisingly, most Americans approve of this use of technology. Surveys show that a majority of Americans (55%) support the use of facial recognition when considering the impact on public safety and security. 

Three out of four Americans think government should avoid strict limits on the use of facial recognition. Women, in particular are opposed, with only 14% supporting limits on facial recognition at the expense of public safety.

But in Massachusetts, the state government is considering a broad-brush ban on the use of any facial recognition technology by the police.

This would handcuff law enforcement from dealing with modern threats to public safety with modern tools. Such a ban would undermine the ability of the police to keep up with new forms of crime.

While there are many valid questions over the use of facial recognition, and thoughtful regulation should be welcomed, the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should not place a blunt and draconian ban on the use of any facial recognition technology by the police.

Sign our petition to tell Massachusetts politicians that they should let police use new law enforcement tech like facial recognition to improve public safety.