Protect private areas from being illegally photographed... Pass Mass Bill to ban 'up skirting' & protect privacy

Petition by Cara Fazio & Aikaterini Panagiotakis

Please help protect women and children's private areas from being violated by 'upskirting' photography or videography.  

A Massachussets Supreme Court ruling in March 2014 found a man innocent who intentionally photographed and videotaped up female riders’ skirts and dresses without their consent… stating his actions were legal because the state law is written where these women were not ‘'partially nude”…

 We consider these acts as a violation of human rights, as these images were taken of private areas without consent.

There are laws in place, and current bill proposals to ammend the language of these laws to make these actions illegal.   

Please tell your State Senator and House Representative to support passing bills H 3934 to ban 'upskirting' and bills S.648 & H.1231 to amend the language in the Mass General Laws to protect the  ‘private areas of a person’,  with including further protection of children under the age of 18. 

And Please tell the Governor to support the new bill passed to Ban 'upskirting'




 Mass General Laws:

CHAPTER 272:  CRIMES AGAINST CHASTITY, MORALITY, DECENCY AND GOOD ORDER, Section 105:  Photographing, videotaping or electronically surveilling partially nude or nude person



Proposed Bills

Mass House Bill H1231


 Mass Senate Bill S648




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