A better schedule for the AM Framingham-Worcester CR


A better schedule for the AM Framingham-Worcester CR

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Signing this petition indicates your support for Dave's proposed new schedule for the Framingham-Worcester Commuter Rail line. Read more about his proposed new schedule on Dave's blog at http://framwormbta.weebly.com

Dave's proposed schedule will not only alleviate overcrowding on P508, but will also: 
1) Offer more express trains for everyone from Worcester to West Natick;
2) Distribute ridership more evenly across P504, P506, P508, and P510; 
3) Not substantially change service for riders boarding between Natick Center and Newton; and
4) Eliminate the under-utilized "HeartToHub" Worcester to Boston non-stop express train. 

This petition was originally promoted to alleviate the overcrowding on P508. That is the most pressing railroad operations problem that needs to be fixed. But the solution presented in the blog post above is really much more than just improving service for P508 riders - so we've changed the title of the petition. 

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