Save the Boston Government Service Center

Save the Boston Government Service Center

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Why this petition matters

The mission of the Save the Boston Government Service Center Coalition is to protect this important piece of late modern urban design. The State of Massachusetts plans to sell part of the complex to a developer. The potential demolition of a significant portion of it will irreparably compromise the overall design, including the loss of a historic mural by famed artist Constantino Nivola.

We must not let this happen.

The Boston Government Service Center is important because:

  • it’s a significant part of Boston’s modern architectural heritage, created by one of America’s most famous architects, Paul Rudolph - and is one of his major civic designs
  • it’s an integral part of the historical Boston Government Center which symbolized the rise of a "New Boston"
  • it’s a building that serves the needs of many citizens, offering services for education, health (including mental health), welfare, and unemployment
  • it’s an embodiment of an era of “heroic architecture” when institutions aspired to improve life in our city and state. Buildings - like this one - were designed to inspire civic pride and to symbolize the positive dynamism of those goals.
  • it’s an urban design with a cohesive wholeness - although the original design was not completed, demolishing part of it destroys the overall vision and diminishes the significance of the remaining building. 

The plan put forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts claims that renovation is not an option. This overlooks the environmental impact of releasing the building's embodied carbon caused by demolition and new construction, and fails to respect the architectural, historical, cultural, and functional value of this important complex.

Key decision-makers need to know this building is irreplaceable. The Boston Government Service Center was determined eligible for registration as a landmark for its exterior and selected interiors by the National Trust in September of 1990.

Please sign this petition. It will be presented to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, and officials at the state’s Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance.

This effort is supported by a coalition of local and national organizations which include: Docomomo, OverUnder and the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation.

2,571 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!