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Legalize Sugar Gliders in Massachusetts

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Hedgehogs and chinchillas are legal, so why can't sugar gliders be? They are just as exotic as them. They make wonderful pets and for people who have never owned them, can be something new to adventure into life. There is no valid reason that they are illegal. You have to have a permit to own an exotic animal? But you don't with hedgehogs and chinchillas? It clearly doesn't make any logical sense. And if they find out you own them they take them away and give you a fine? That's rediculous.

Sugar Gliders are wonderful pets and can be great companions perfect especially for people in wheelchairs because they will always have that special buddy with them. Sugar Gliders bond to people very well, because in the wild they live in packs so they naturally want to bond to everyone in your family. They are no danger for the state of Massachusetts because if set free into the wild they would most likely die, so it wouldn't cause an area of unneccesary population of a different species. When put in a loving home however sugar gliders flourish and love their entire family including pets, another reason why so many people love them. They can't really breed in the wild, though in a home they will flourish. Also they carry no diseases because they are not rodents, but marsupials. There is no danger to the state by making them legal. Many people in Massachusetts get Sugar Gliders, not aware that they are illegal in the state, because they were purchased in a different state, and if in any case, their sugar glider may get sick if they try to bring the sugar glider to the vet it will be taken away from them. In the case that they are not put to sleep after this (for that does sometimes happen) the sugar glider will become depressed because they were so closely bonded to their family. It can take up to a year or two for them to get over this and they can even die from due to depression, just like a human being, they are just like us and people are still treating them incredibly unethically. There is no real reason for sugar gliders to be illegal so please sign this petition to make them legal in Massachusetts

  • Did you know that in the entire U.S. only 5 states consider the ownership of Sugar Gliders illegal? 

Hawaii, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California.

  • WHY?

-Sugar Gliders are considered Exotic Animals but they are not dangerous by any means. 
-Because they have such special requirements for their diet and lifestyle they probably wouldn't survive in the U.S.. That’s why you don’t hear about Sugar Glider outbreaks.
-Every state surrounding MASSACHUSSETTS allows Sugar Gliders, so making them Illegal is impractical.  In fact breeders from other states can sell a glider to a mass resident but a mass resident cannot legally possess or sell them.
-This doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people, but to people who love animals and in particular Sugar Gliders it is a huge deal. 
-This will also save the government money.

Why do Sugar Gliders make such great pets?

-They are very clean animals. Like cats they groom themselves regularly.

-They love playtime with their owner and are very fun to watch as they play together.

-They are a colony animal and should be kept at the very least in twos. This way you know that they have a buddy to watch their back at night and when you have to go out during the day.

-If you do go out during the day you can take them with you in small pouch called a "Bonding pouch". This way you don’t have to leave them at home.

-They are Nocturnal.

-One of the coolest things about them is that they bond to their owners. It creates a connection unlike anything you get with other animals and makes you feel so special.

-Please Google Sugar Gliders and you will see how lovable and beautiful they are.

-A great website is




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