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This petition is to support efforts to reverse the decision made by the Massachusetts Department of Education (DESE) to deny funding to La Alianza Hispana.

After 41 years of dedicated service to the community La Alianza Hispana is now on the brink of closing its education and workforce development doors due to DESE’s unfounded decision.  The result not only impacts students and staff, but it means cutting off a critical lifeline for constituents in the many neighborhoods served.   

The organization is appealing the decision, contending that the review process was severely flawed and unjust. Decisions made without evaluating and preparing for resulting impacts shows lack of judgment and humane treatment. The readers’ comments and scoring (that were the basis of the decision), presented judgments that were inaccurate, ignored RFP directives, were interpretations not based on standards, and suggested a careless reading and analysis of the services the organization currently, and plans to provide Major concerns therefore have been raised as to the fairness and legality of the review process. 

DESE will offer assurances of a commitment to adult learners.  No consideration was made as to the relationships and trust that have been built over time and how critical these are to the learning process. No preparations were made by the Department of Education as to the impacts of this decision.  The notifications were issued one week prior to the new fiscal year, when summer programs were starting - even though decisions were supposed to be made in May (the proposals were submitted in February).  DESE has indicated that organizations that have lost funding will merely transfer students to other programs. “The Department’s longstanding policy is that enrolled students whose education is disrupted for reasons beyond their control receive absolute priority for enrollment in another ABE program, i.e., they go right to the top of the waiting list.”  No research was conducted or provisions made as to how organizations in the Roxbury area could adequately serve these students, let alone absorb them all.  By moving currently enrolled students to the top of other waiting lists means those who have already been waiting are once again placed on hold. 

The plan serves a bureaucratic and simple remedy to a problem that continues to persist and that requires solutions other than closing programs and adding to the overwhelming numbers of adult learners needing English language services.  This shuffling of these students around like pieces in a game board does not show either commitment or sensitivity.


Letter to
Massachusetts Department of Education (DESE)
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Massachusetts Department of Education (DESE) concerning the recent decision to deny funding to La Alianza Hispana.

I am deeply concerned about this decision, and submit that a careful and impartial examination be conducted as to the fairness of the review process. I also question whether the Department of Education has either ignored or misjudged the factual basis and economic significance of this program meeting the needs of the growing English language learning community.

For over four decades, thousands of newcomers have not only experienced hope and opportunities due to La Alianza, but they have become contributing members to Boston and to American society. The social, political, and economic lifeline of this community is now in jeopardy and it is essential that those who represent this community do all that is necessary to ensure continuity of services by reinstating the funds as directed in La Alianza Hispana’s proposal.
Acabo de firmar la siguiente petición dirigida al Departamento de Educación de Massachussetts (DESE) en relación con la reciente decision de denegar los fondos a La Alianza Hispana.

Estoy profundamente preocupado(a) por esta decisión, y sostengo que un exámen imparcial cuidadoso se lleve a cabo en cuanto a la imparcialidad del proceso de revisión. También, me pregunto si el Departamento de Educación ha ignorado o ha juzgado mal el carácter fundamental y la importancia económica de este programa el cual satisface las necesidades de la creciente comunidad que esta aprendiendo inglés.

Durante más de cuatro décadas, miles de recien llegados, no solo han experimentado la esperanza y las oportunidades gracias a La Alianza Hispana, pero se han convertido en miembros contribuyentes en la ciudad de Boston y en la sociedad Americana. La vida social, política y económica de esta comunidad esta ahora en peligro, y es esencial que quienes representan a esta comunidad hagan todo lo necesario para garantizar la continuidad de los servicios a traves del restablecimiento de los fondos como se indica en la propuesta de la Alianza Hispana.

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