Parent concerns re Sex Education at Heckmondwike Primary School

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Dear Parents,

Parents have concerns about Sex Education, mixed gender swimming and changing arrangements as well how the school is run.

A number of parents have individually approached the Head Teacher with concerns and suggestions.  They all were dismissed and told they were the only parent to complainThis is not true. 

In 2016, around 80 Parents attended a consultation on Sex Education at Heckmondwike Primary School.  The parents were concerned that school will be teaching inappropriate and explicit material to our young children.  In a presentation, Head Teacher then revealed content that was found to be wholly inappropriate for young children.

Parents were very vocal with their concerns.  We now need your support so share this petition with other parents, friends & family.

Parents asked Healy Lane Primary School, Holy Spirit Catholic School and Millbridge Primary School who all confirmed that Sex Education was not mandatory at primary school level.  They were not teaching it.

There are at least 4 Governors on the governing body who have between them served for almost 100 years.  Due to a legal loophole, the Governing Body has a Parent Governor who is not a parent at the school!

The governing body is out of touch with local parents'.  Therefore, more Parent Governors are required.  Recent elections have proven there's no shortage of applicants from real parents at school.

 Our demands are:

  • Immediately stop teaching Sex Education and ruining our innocent children.  Parents must be invited to school and the Head Teacher and the Chair of Governors to show Lessons Plans of what is being taught to our children.  Parents must approve on what is being taught.
  • In each class, Boys and Girls are changing in same class room together for Physical Education (PE).  This is very upsetting for many girls and boys.  It makes children uncomfortable.  Children are seen crying as boys make fun out of girls and vice versa.  This is also unacceptable practice as it does not offer any privacy to our children.  Mixed gender changing must STOP immediately now.
  • Parents demand that swimming for boys and girls is to be separated with immediate effect.  This is like adding fuel to fire.  The Head Teacher continues to disrespect parents’ wishes and their cultural and religious beliefs.
  • The Chair of Governors has been in position for 35 years.  There are 4 governors on governing body who between them have served for nearly 100 years.   Department of Education recommends each governor should serve no more than 8 years.  Therefore, we need any governor with more than 8 years in office to resign immediately and run elections to have more parent governors elected.
  • Any governor who is not a parent at school and elected as Parent Governor to resign immediately.

This change needs your support.  If you do not support this campaign, the school will continue on what appears to be a dangerous path with many disgruntled parents in silos.

Please share this with other parents, friends and family and get as many signatures as you can!

The Parents Association
Heckmondwike Primary School


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