We want Masons Elephant Safari Park in Bali to End Cruelty to Elephants

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In 2019, Mason Elephant Safari Park was rewarded  for Animal Welfare & Conservation.
Mason Elephant Park & Lodge in Taro, received a Gold Certification from Asian Captive Elephant Standards (ACES).

A visit to Park in Jan 2020
The elephants are steered by being hit with bullhooks when people are riding them.
The elephants are sneakily stabbed with sharp metal steel nails, cleverly hidden from public view.
Elephants were poked behind their sensitive ears to obey commands.
One elephants head was covered by cloth to hide wounds from bullhooks, which could be seen when elephant moved his head.
The elephants are kept on short chains when not working, separated from each other.
The elephants were constantly swaying and bobbing their heads showing signs of stress.

None of This is ethical and humane.
Yet, the Park still received a Gold Certificate for Animal Welfare....

Baby Arjung was born at the Park last year (2019) and will be trained to give rides in future.

We really need to step up and do something to help the elephants already suffering there and also save this beautiful baby from a miserable future ahead!

We want the Park to improve the conditions of the elephants and take steps towards becoming a Genuine Sanctuary!
No hurting and controlling elephants with weapons!
No Chains!
No Riding!
No Performances!

If they don't, We demand ACES to reconsider their award!