Pets are more than just Property, they are FAMILY!!!

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This is very important to me, as I just lost my precious Charlie to an incompetent Vet, that lied, tried to cover her tracks broke almost every protocol that Banfield Animal Hospital had in place. At the conclusion of her peer review done by Banfield themself, it was found that she "used the wrong combination of drugs which led to Charlie's Demise" per their very own Medical Director. Pets are more than just a piece of property, they are someones child, Charlie was my child that was murdered by a vet that should never be able to practice on another animal for as long as she lives. The devastation that my family is feeling enormous, it feels like our hearts have been ripped from our chest's. These animals are a living, breathing soul and they must be treated as such. Anyone that has these precious souls will attest that they are more than property, they consider them part of the family, there child, we feed them, we provide them shelter, we provide them some where safe, we provide medical care, emergency care, medicines, i dont think you can do all that to a piece of furniture such as a couch, now that is a piece of property. This law must change, these vet's that commit such blatant neglect, medical malpractice, and to destroy a family as it has done mine, we should be justified in making sure this never happens again, and make sure these vets and big box chain hospitals are held accountable and must pay for these kinds of mistakes that should never happen, these families should be able to sue for compensation for not only the loss of the furbaby, but as well as pain and suffering. I can tell you by first hand experience of what this vet has caused my family, and it feels just like i have lost a close family member. This is something i will continue to fight for, animals have rights as well, it is now considered a felony for animal abuse in all 50 states, this should be considered no less than animal abuse for what she did to my Charlie on June 19th, 2015. I should have the right as the father of Charlie to make sure this Vet pays for the DEADLY mistake that she had made that has devastated my family knowing someone we trusted murdered our son charlie. #Justice4Charlie #Charlie'sLaw 

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