Impose Development Impact Fees in Baltimore County NOW!​

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Baltimore County Schools desperately need funds to meet the needs of our growing population. The county is experiencing a boom in residential and commercial construction but lacks adequate funding to support the necessary infrastructure and public facilities that support our communities.

Baltimore County is the only county in a metropolitan area in the whole state of Maryland that does not impose Development Impact Fees. As a result, we have lost out on millions of dollars that should go towards public facilities, and specifically school construction. For example, Montgomery County collected over $41M last year from developers. That revenue over 3 years is enough to pay for two elementary schools or pay for a brand new high school. Between 2004 and 2014 Baltimore County has lost out on the revenue potential of more than $400 million! That would be enough to completely rebuild Landsdowne, Dulaney and Towson high schools!

Development impact fees and building excise taxes enable local governments to collect revenue from builders for public facilities necessitated by new residential or commercial development. As a result of these development charges, local governments are able to shift the costs of financing new public facilities from existing taxpayers to individuals responsible for the development. In many situations, the use of such development charges may eliminate the need for jurisdiction-wide tax increases.

Another benefit of development charges is that local officials can collect the needed revenue for the expansion or construction of new public facilities prior to the construction of any new residential development. In this manner, payment of an impact fee or excise tax may be required by local officials before the issuance of a building permit or approval of a subdivision plat.

See more information on pages 49 & 60 (Local Governments Finances and Demographic Information (PDF))

This is the latest full report (PDF).

Please sign the petition. The Maryland State Legislature must pass a bill to allow Development Impact Fees to be imposed in Baltimore County. We need to let county officials and state representatives know we want to introduce and pass legislation so that Baltimore County can begin collecting these fees from developers. We cannot wait any longer for relief for our schools.

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