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Install traffic signals at intersection of River Rd & Pyle Rd near Whitman HS


On Saturday, February 27th, a tragic collision occurred on River Road near Braeburn Parkway/Pyle Road, killing 3 members of a family of the nearby Whitman community. This has not been the first fatal collision at this intersection. For years, the Bannockburn and Whitman communities have asked the Maryland State Highway Administration to install traffic signals at this dangerous intersection. Many students must cross or turn into this intersection in order to enter Walt Whitman High School's parking lots. Installing traffic signals would make the intersection safer for nearby residents, students, teachers, and drivers alike. Not only will traffic signals help protect drivers, they will also help ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing River Road.

As a Whitman student and Bannockburn resident myself, I strongly insist that the Maryland State Highway Administration install traffic signals at this dangerous intersection to make driving in our area safer. My family and I, as well as many other families in the neighborhood, must go through this intersection almost everyday, where our safety is especially at risk. I hope our collective voices will be considered as we urge the Maryland State Highway Administration to take action to make the intersection on River Road near Walt Whitman High School safer.

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