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Maryland's Ruling That Pit Bulls Are Inherently Dangerous

In the massive effort on the part of people who know about pit bulls such as advocates, rescues, shelters, veterinaries, dog trainers, dog owners and others knowledgable about the pit bull dog breed type the recent court decision by the Maryland Supreme Court that pit bulls are inherently dangerous is a huge blow. There are so many working so tirelessly to get standing breed bans repealed and to help well-meaning communities all over the world avoid banning dogs by breed based on their appearance rather than their actions and this sets all of the hard work back several years. We must as a dog owning community, no matter what breed type of dog we have, stand up and speak out about this ruling in a loud clear and united voice. This ruling, if it is allowed to stand, will have far reaching implications and none of them are of the positive sort. ALL dog owners, regardless of what breed type of dog they have, should be held accountable for the actions of their dogs. ALL dogs, regardless of breed type, should be judged solely on their behavior not on their appearance or on what they 'might' do because of their breed type based on half-truths, myths, misinformation and propaganda.

If we as a dog loving society do not stand up and speak out about this issue soon enough other breed types will fall victim to public hysteria that is perpetuated by the news media and how it chooses to report or not to report certain kinds of dog related events. Valid statistics show that the idea, to anti-pit bull groups otherwise known as 'the facts', that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breed types of dog and that pit bulls are responsible for more harm to humans and other living things is nothing more than propaganda that is willingly and perhaps knowingly spread by the news media. The extent of the 'vicitimization' of the public by the news media in respect to pit bulls and dangerous dog breeds has been demonstrated by the Maryland Supreme Court in this decision. It is time for us as a society to say 'enough'!

Today it is pit bulls, yesterday it was Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds and tomorrow who knows what breed may be banned or judged as inherently dangerous based on myths, misinformation and propaganda perpetuated by the news media in the interest of ratings. The time is now to speak out as a society and demand that the judicial and legislative systems in our towns, cities, counties, states as well as on a federal level stop making rulings based on knee jerk reactions to unfortunate and very sad but preventable incidents.  We must stop banning certain dog breed types based on myths, misinformation and propaganda perpetuated by the news media.

Please join in the chorus of responsible dog owners and ask that ALL humans be held accountable for their dogs actions regardless of what breed type of dog it is that they have.

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