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Stop Serial Rapists and Child Molesters

We need your support to pass critical legislation that will close loopholes that allow serial predators to hide prior instances of rape and child molestation from juries. Under current law, prosecutors are blocked from introducing evidence of a defendant’s past predatory sex acts as evidence during trial.

For years, Nelson Clifford, convicted serial rapist, used this loophole in the law to escape justice four times before he was finally convicted and sentenced last year.  Clifford was able to convince juries again and again that the sex was consensual and we were forbidden from telling juries about his other charges. Clifford is just one of many serial predators from across Maryland who have been protected by this loophole. 

We need to pass this legislation now to stop other serial rapists and child molesters before they can attack again. Sign the petition today to tell your representatives in the Maryland General Assembly that it is time to stop serial rapists and child molesters.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • State Representative
    Joseph Vallario
  • State Representative
    Kathleen Dumais
  • State Senator
    Bobby Zirkin
  • State Senator
    Delores Kelley

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