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Maryland General Assembly: Don’t Cut Funding to the College Park Academy


The College Park Academy is a charter school founded in partnership between the University of Maryland and the city of College Park, Maryland. This school, set to open next year, will provide its inaugural class of 300 students with an excellent education––but it needs resources.

The Department of Legislative Services has expressed that they believe the Academy should be funded locally, not through the state’s higher education budget. The school, however, will not just serve the local community, but the University of Maryland as well.

UMCP College of Education students will acquire valuable experience from the College Park Academy. The training and professional development they receive will be invaluable, and the benefits will be transferred on to students around the state of Maryland and the country, as a whole.

University of Maryland students are extremely involved in the communities surrounding campus, often in local schools. They volunteer countless hours, organizing after school and tutoring programs. This school will be no exception; it will be a part of our university.

Furthermore, students at the College Park Academy will have the opportunity to earn up to 60 credits from the University of Maryland. This school and its students will be as much a part of the University as they will be a part of the College Park and Prince George’s County communities.

We cannot let this opportunity go to waste.

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Maryland General Assembly
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An investment in the College Park Academy is an investment not only in the children who will attend it, but also the University of Maryland and its students, who will teach and tutor and volunteer countless hours there.

Don’t cut funding to the College Park Academy.