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Retain the Old Hospital: - The Maryborough City Heartbeat Project

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Firstly, thank you for your time and consideration as we embark on a massive project for the community. Nourish Maryborough Ltd (Nourish) is the not-for-profit, registered charity organisation steering the Maryborough City Heartbeat Project.

Nourish has initiated the purchase of the John St Hospital and accompanying premises. The extensive size and nature of the facilities allows for the large range of services to be housed within the one location. This will allow for the Nourish Maryborough to provide leasing opportunities to unique local businesses and services that, together, will be able to provide our community with easy access to quality support and lifestyle compliments designed and facilitated to increase the overall health and wellbeing of all corners of our community.

There is a resilience within that is evident through their community pride and heritage. By providing services that directly support our community we aim to improve the overall health and vitality of our residents. We are not re-inventing the wheel, we are filling the gaps in our society, and with a team that cares about the bigger picture. By housing services that compliment each other’s specialties, we will ultimately be able to work together as a team towards providing a holistic wellness centre for our community to feel fulfilled by and to benefit and grow from.

This matters to us all. We have all at some stage been directly or indirectly impacted by crisis effecting the family unit or in supporting the caring for our loved ones and aging residents. Perhaps you feel that the youth or men need support.

Help us reignite the spirit of Maryborough. We are a close-knit community and what better time to show we are there for each other; to be the friendly face that is always there for you; to be part of community events that will bring family and friends together; to offer support by being there to offer assistance in times of need.

We have the passion and the determination and commitment to bring this project to life. We are trusted and respected and move forward with the love of our city in our hearts. We know Maryborough value. What is your community worth to you?

We have been given a tiny window to secure an ex hospital building in John Street that has over 6 acres of building and land and our biggest challenge now is securing the finance required to retain this beautiful building for an immensely beneficial project.

The former hospital was built in the very early 1900’s with community money for community health and care. It is our goal and the desire of the Maryborough residents (see attached) to see the building once again owned by the community to benefit the community through accessible health options and care services.

The opportunities the Centre promises are overwhelmingly positive in our people regaining hope and inspiration to do and achieve better, together. This can be seen by the community who are 100% behind this project.

We have already gained solid support from Fraser Coast Mayor Chris Loft, Peter Olds of Olds Engineering (Order of Australia Medal recipient), Sound Solutions, Act for Kids, Uniting Church, Allied Health Services, Birthing Professionals, X-Ray companies, Government and Private Schools and numerous influential community members committed to seeing Maryborough survive and thrive.

We are in the financing stage of the Project and have been pre approved for finance to purchase the building, should we have to rely on a debt stream to see ownership retained by the community by the end of November 2018.

We have secured interest of tenancy ($180,000 per year) from companies and industry professionals. Our efforts won’t reach their maximum effectiveness unless we have the backing of the entire community.

The best way forward to support this Project is in raising the $5M dollars required to purchase the building, carry out repairs enabling us to open to the community, without delay. The more funds raised, the more surplus funds we will have to re-direct into our overall initiatives to provide community services from a single premises, instead of servicing a large debt, by way of banking finance.

Your support would be greatly appreciated in seeing our project come to life sooner, bringing the heartbeat back to our wonderful Maryborough community.

There are currently other interested parties wanting to purchase the building bitting at our heels. If we cannot secure funding via donations or investment (with GREAT return) as per the finance clause on 28th November 2017, then this opportunity to help the Maryborough community, vulnerable families, provide job and/or training for locals and ultimately secure the future of Maryborough for our children, and their children to come, will be lost.

Instead we will end up with a building owned by an international corporate company that is looking only to benefit themselves. This project must go ahead. In excess of 12000 signatures were collected, in one just month, as an effort to keep services located centrally, in this very building. This building means everything to the Maryborough Community. Many returned soldiers were cared for here, many residents were born or healed there. The building must retain a community entity, for the sake of history and pride. We have the support of local council, state and federal government and all facets of the community, including local schools and kindergartens that want to invest in our children’s futures.

 Our Mission; 

To improve the overall access to health and wellbeing of the Maryborough Community through a holistic and embracing approach

• Providing essential services to the community and where possible assisting those most vulnerable with the financial burden incurred by accessing such services

• Reignite the community spirit through workshops and special events

We will;

• Offer relevant workshops and training opportunities designed to educate in areas of parenting, nutrition, certificate qualifications and hobby areas

•Encourage and support community driven support groups

• Provide space for graduate students/start up business (relevant to the project) to begin their careers/deliver services

• House specialist and clinical services relevant to the community needs

• Create employment and volunteer places

• Provide a broad range of advocacy services including but not limited to Men's and Women’s services, Domestic Violence, NDIS, Aging and Elderly, Veteran affairs, Children’s advocacy and general community advocacy.

• Assisting in times of ‘crisis’ • Respite Services for returning soldiers, elderly, disabled and families.

• Create accommodating spaces for youth, men, women, families and aged to adopt as their own

• Provide exciting, interactive, positive initiatives for residents to enjoy and participate in

• Casual crèche and school age tutoring services and homework club

• Collect resources and attracting skilled personnel with passion and character

• Maintain the common goal of Nourishing Maryborough through consideration and care • House a café that will be welcoming of all from our community and beyond

• Reskilling eg hospitability via on-site kitchen

• Create sustainability • Create a central meeting place It is our vision to;

• Open an elderly and disabilities respite service for both day time and short term 24/7 care options

• Utilise the existing x-ray and radiology

• Provide low cost room rental access to graduates and start up businesses to support and encourage their business and employment opportunities

• Create 60 plus employment opportunities with in 6 to 12 months directly linked with the running of a large facility. 100 plus employment opportunities will also be created over the next 24 to 36 months with the opening of respite and advocacy services directly aimed at NDIS participants and the elderly

 • Provide ease of access to vital services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Out Patient Mental Health programs and physical rehabilitation services

• Build a fresh new Kindergarten within close proximity to schools and learning centres Opportunities for local businesses:

• Central location with ample parking and regular bus services

• Catchment of diverse community groups within one building

• Support the local community through the ability to donate to a trusted local charity with registered tax deductible donation

• Potential for consumers to access monetary assistance for allied health services

• Leasing opportunities within the building are vast. Great interest has already been shown in the sites available and we believe that local businesses are best positioned and will benefit greatly.

 By leasing space with in our facility business will be directly affecting change and supporting our community Maryborough is a very diverse and remarkable community.

By investing you ensure the sustainability of one of Queensland's original townships and buildings. 

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