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Acceptance of Day of Silence; Highly Concerned About Acceptance Week Dedicated to LGBTQ

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We are writing on behalf of a group of parents that are highly concerned about “Acceptance Week” as described in Principal Bolin's email dated March 28, 2016.   Acceptance Week clearly involves public efforts that are focused on the LGBTQ community. Such public efforts are well beyond any activities for any other single group, and are believed to be discriminatory.  Inequalities in such efforts are evident when comparing the time, resources and intensity devoted to lessons, activities, and promotional fanfare dedicated to the acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender group while ignoring acceptance and promotion of values represented in other diverse groups within our community.   We are not against LGBTQ, but believe that the following represent equally important areas of concern, which are not addressed: 

•          Acceptance without condemnation for differing religious values or practices;

•          Acceptance without regard to race or culture;

•          Acceptance without regard to social status;

•          Acceptance without regard to physical, social, emotional, mental or academic ability;

•          Acceptance of first generation multi-ethnic minorities with diverse cultures and religious beliefs. 

We are highly concerned about the extended promotion of LGBTQ by the Acceptance Week curriculum, which appears to indoctrinate our children, undermine parental guidance and humiliate those with religious, cultural and personal convictions not in agreement or acceptance with the promotional campaign.  Again, we are not against LGBTQ, but demand respect and equality for all segments of our community by WRMS.   

That said, we demand that efforts to introduce acceptance of LGBTQ communities be limited to the Day of Silence on April 15, 2016, which has been approved by the District.   

We are prepared to support a walk out on Monday, April 11, 2016 if our demand is ignored and not met.

Absences due to the “Walk Out” must be classified as “excused”.  If the District fails to excuse these absences, or retaliates in any way against parents or their children, we will take further steps to prevent irreparable harm to our rights, with full reservation of all legal options, including litigation in federal court. 

We agree that no child should be harassed or subjected to humiliation for his or her convictions.  Ironically, the activities and week-long pressure planned for Acceptance Week will likely bring humiliation to students not in agreement with the LGBTQ lifestyle.    Given the above, we believe that Acceptance Week is discriminatory, unfair, and clearly a misallocation of public funds derived from all taxpayers.  

Again, we demand that Acceptance Week be limited to one day on April 15, 2016, which has been approved by the District, and not be expanded to the entire week.

Due to the urgency of this matter, we request that you reply back to us by 2:00pm, April 1, 2016.

Respectfully submitted,
Families of WRMS Community and
Tax Payers Funding Public Education in the SRVUSD

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