Change for Cheadle - Open a youth centre!

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This is Change for Cheadle’s Youth, a campaign to highlight and change the lack of youth facilities for troubled teens around the SK8 area of Stockport, Greater Manchester.

In recent months the crime levels in Cheadle and surrounding areas, regarding those under the age of 18 has risen. Whether it be from theft or car crime, the residents of these areas have had enough. But what we want to know is why – why are the majority of crimes occuring all being taken out by children and young teens?

The aim of this campaign is not to name and shame the offenders, but to make a difference in the community by offering a helping hand. We believe that if there were to be a youth centre within the community, along with trained, specialised youth workers, we would be able to tackle the situation at hand all whilst offering the future generation help and support with whatever issues they may be facing.