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Create a part time staff tier for AEA member monitors.

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Experienced AEA Audition Monitors take years to train and establish. They are the first line of defense in every AEA audition. They know the rules and regulations and how to implement them to ensure an actor's best possible audition in the room. If a monitor does not have an answer to a question or problem that arises, they know how to find an answer or solution...quickly and tactfully. They are responsible for the professional and tactile implementation of audition procedures that assist the actor and auditor alike.

AEA monitors are also the information line TO Actors' Equity to keep staff and committees aware of what is happening at auditions. Many monitors serve on Committees and Council. Under AEA's new rules, they cannot serve the union on Committees or Council. Monitors would have to resign their position to take work under an AEA contract rather than simply taking a leave of absence during their employment as a professional actor. 

We are asking Equity to create a part time/temporary staff tier especially and exclusively for AEA monitors. This position would allow monitors to retain their FULL union rights. We ask AEA to make an exception to their rule excluding staff members from serving on Council and Committees for these new staff member monitors. Lastly, we ask AEA to grant monitors a leave of absence should they accept employment under a union contract. 

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