Save Richard Glossip’s Life

Save Richard Glossip’s Life

January 5, 2015
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Governor Mary Fallin (Governor)
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Started by Crystal Martinez

Richard Glossip was convicted of commissioning the tragic murder of his boss, Barry Van Treese. The conviction is based on a lie told by the actual murderer, Justin Sneed. Justin’s testimony was the only evidence linking Richard to the crime. Recently, Justin’s daughter came forward to say her father wanted to recant his testimony against Richard. Richard will be executed if Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin doesn’t intervene. We started this petition to ask Gov. Fallin to stop Richard’s execution. His execution is scheduled for September 16, 2015.  We ask Gov. Fallin to please review the case against him and spare his life.

When the police arrested Justin Sneed for the murder, there was no doubt he had committed the crime. Justin had confessed but changed his story to avoid the death penalty through a plea deal. In exchange for being spared the death penalty, Justin said Richard paid him for the murder. Richard was offered his own deal if he plead guilty. He refused, believing the truth was all he needed. Had Richard taken the deal, he would have been out of prison by now.

There was a glimmer of hope when Justin’s daughter wrote a letter to the clemency board. She detailed private conversations where her father said he wanted to recant his testimony against Richard. Hope quickly faded away. Justin, fearing he would lose his plea deal to avoid the death penalty, decided against recanting in an official statement.

Richard has given up on Justin doing the right thing. His only hope is enough people speak up on his behalf and demand Gov. Fallin stay the execution. It’s the first step in getting Richard exonerated. Time is running out. Please sign and share our petition today. Your signature could save his life.

You can read more details about Richard’s case here: and

To donate to his legal defense please go here:

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This petition had 55,255 supporters

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