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Petitioning Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma State Legislature

Enact Legislation to Ensure OK Schools have Adequate Tornado Shelters

Hearing the news out of Moore today, knowing that I live along the 1999 storm track and but for the grace of an east-turning tornado would be sifting the rubble of my house, I was appalled and aghast to learn that public elementary schools are without adequate shelter for our most vulnerable citizens.

As many as 24 little children at an elementary school in Moore may have lost their lives because there has never been the money to build secure storm shelters for them. In a place where we pride ourselves on preparedness and response, this is unacceptable.

An F-5 tornado was unheard of in 1999, but since then, the occurrence of EF-4 and EF-5 tornadoes has become commonplace. We have seen them across the southern plains, and now that we know better, it's time to do better.

All schools should be able to accommodate all students and faculty, if not below ground, then in some area of the building constructed specifically to withstand 200 mph winds.

Help me get this petition on Mary Fallin's desk, and in front of our cut-happy legislature.

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  • Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma State Legislature

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