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We Demand Tom Sirard's Resignation From The Board of Education.

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We the Citizens of Enfield petition the Chair of the Republican Town Committee, Mary Ann Turner, to ask for the resignation of Tom Sirard as Chair of the Board of Education for the following reasons:

  •  Racial insensitivity and being a bad example of a leader for the students and citizens of Enfield.  

As Chairman of the Board of Education, Tom Sirard should show more respect for his role as a leader for the Enfield School System. Recently his comments on Facebook about Democrats sets an immature and divisive tone toward people that do not share his political views. This might be okay for the regular citizen, but Chairman Sirard represents the leadership of our schools and in that role he has the added responsibility of moderating his public activities in ways that do not hurt the legitimacy of his position. 

His recent post on Facebook of Abraham Lincoln declaring,

‘Democrats haven’t been this mad since slavery ended’

Shows a huge degree of racial insensitivity given the number of people who have historical roots to this battle for the emancipation of slaves and for the abolition of slavery. His comments are offensive and should not be brushed off lightly as frivolous banter.

He sets a bad example for the students and faculty of our schools and the citizens of Enfield deserve better behavior from their elected officials. We petition the Chairwoman of the Enfield Republican Party, Mary Ann Turner to distance herself from this kind of behavior unbecoming of a Board of Education Chair and to ask for Tom Sirard’s resignation from this position and from the Board of Education.


The Citizens of Enfield

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