To Team-Up With Director Lexi Alexander And Make The Most Bad @$$ Black Widow Movie EVER!

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To Team-Up With Director Lexi Alexander And Make The Most Bad @$$ Black Widow Movie EVER!

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Dear Marvel Studios:

It seems that not a week goes by without someone online asking for you to fix the diversity problem in your films and TV shows. This is NOT that type of petition. 

We at are interested in quality before quantity, and even though we may nitpick the creative direction of all types of action films (yours included), we cannot deny that you continue to deliver top tier entertainment. Moreover, you do it with infectious enthusiasm and reverence for the comics that they are based on, regardless of a character's sex or color. 

Which is exactly why we want you to at least consider putting Lexi Alexander in the director's chair for a potential Black Widow film. Yes...we know. There needs to be a script first. We totally agree and we want to respect your creative process because...well, it has clearly worked thus far. But we figure that it is safe to assume that a Black Widow film starring Scarjo needs a credible action director at the helm. A director that...

A) Understands fight choreography.

B) Has experience adapting licensed characters for the big screen.

C) Has at least a little credibility with geekdom (at least, according to your track record).

D) Can tell a hard-hitting yet emotional tale of redemption.

Lexi Alexander is that director. 

Even better, you already have her in your rolodex. That's right! Not only is Lexi an Academy Award nominated director -- not only has she been both a professional stuntwoman and a martial artist -- not only is she a critically-acclaimed storyteller, but she has already directed a Marvel film. The cult-friendly Punisher: War Zone, to be exact. 

So...c'mon, Marvel. Hook Lexi up with a copy of Black Widow: The Itsy-Bitsy Spider and call her in for a meeting. Y'know...just to see if you two like each other. Her filmography proves that she can give Widow exactly the type of story you've been hinting at onscreen. One that is action-packed, filled with suspense, pulls no punches, gets a little dark, but can still deliver the bittersweet redemption tale that super-spy Natasha Romanov deserves. 


The Special Forces Unit of

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This petition had 51 supporters