Save Deadpool Animated Series

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Last year, we were promised an animated adult action-comedy TV series adaptation of our dearly beloved Merc with a Mouth.

We were all excited and happy to hear the news.

However, just a couple of weeks ago, we heard Deadpool suffered a premature demise. His show got cancelled before we even got a chance of seeing it.

Not much information was given as to why. They just went with creative differences leading some to speculate Donald Glover's busy schedule as the real reason.

To that, he tweeted a 15-page finale script full of references to recent events which proves he's really not that busy.

The entire episode is filled with laughs from start to finish leaving us amused but disappointed knowing what could have been.

But it didn't end there.

Titmouse Animation released their animation test showing their vision for the show by blending Ryan Reynolds’ dialogue from the 2016 live-action film with some crisp, slick animated action.

It just made us even sadder.

As of right now, the show is considered dead in the water. But if we let our voices be heard, this could all change. There's always a hope of them reviving the project one way or another.

Let's show them that we DO really want this!

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