Renew Marvel's Inhumans for a second season (via a "soft reboot" with a new showrunner!!)

Renew Marvel's Inhumans for a second season (via a "soft reboot" with a new showrunner!!)

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(Edit 1: People seem to have missed the point of the petition. The point is not to completely defend the failed series but to let the producers know that we, the fans, deserve a proper Inhumans show and the characters shouldn't be wasted for life with a cancellation and all that is only possible through a renewal. Simple as that. Because once gone, they're gone. Better to give them a second chance now when it is hurting.)

Hey guys! As we all know that in late 2017, Marvel TV finally launched one of their most ambitious projects to date: Inhumans.

Now, readers of the comic books know of the Inhuman lore, it's deep roots into the Marvel Universe and the mythology of the Inhuman race which is perfectly suitable for a big-budget TV show and we did get our wishes fulfilled. We finally had a show about the Inhumans with all of our favorite characters coming to life on the small screen, with the first 2 episodes even being shot in IMAX.

But, we all know how it actually went down. The theatric release grossed only $3.5 million worldwide in IMAX and the show was ravaged from the beginning to end, earning less than stellar reviews and reception in terms of viewership ratings.


NO. It was not. Sure, the show had it's fair share of problems, namely:

  1. Fast tracking the show: The first 2 episodes were shot in 20 days!!! That too, with those heavy IMAX cameras. Just imagine!
  2. Lower Budget and less than stellar CGI effects: Since IMAX had made an investment in the show, not much money was poured in later on and clearly, the show had less than desired special effects and lacked the feel of a MCU-level show.

All of this did, indeed, hurt the show. But, THAT doesn't mean that the show deserved a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes or the ridiculous hate people have for the show. (continued below)

The show had a decent story while every actor involved gave the best he/she could. Their performances are noteworthy and every problem about which the people complained was eventually solved or was a major plot point by the finale (Maximus' "pure" intentions were later revealed to be for his own, the monarch system's flaws were also acknowledged, Black Bolt's less-than-inspired decisions were tackled head-on and so on).

Hell, most of the people didn't even watch past episode 1 and jumped on the hate bandwagon.

And for all the haters wanting this to be canceled, they seem to forget as to how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. improved after the initial episodes and is currently one of the best, if not THE best, comic book shows on air. 

Further, once gone, these characters will never EVER return and that seems to me like such a waste.

Instead, they should give the show another chance, maybe with a shorter run with a higher budget and maybe with a NEW SHOWRUNNER as some of the people who hated Iron Fist and Scott Buck just transferred that hate for him (maybe unconsciously) on this show as well and for the fact that he may, INDEED, not be the right person to handle the Inhuman mythos.

Plus, we really deserve that cliffhanger to be resolved and properly explained in a soft reboot through season 2.

Final words: So, in a gist, all I'm saying is we deserve a proper Inhumans show, which the first season was definitely not. Even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did justice to Inhumans and surely, ABC needs to only give home to Inhumans for a year and then it can move on to the Disney streaming site in 2019. 

Please sign the petition to show your support for the show, even if you didn't like the adaption in hopes for a better second round.

Thank you.

(Edit 2: Wow. Just see the reception this petition is getting on social media. Such hate. I just request them to see past the mistakes already committed and look to comic books in hopes of inspiration for a second season. #renewinhumans) 

Tweet this to Marvel and ABC to let them hear your voice!!

Please, all the people who hate the show or hate me for petitioning for the show are requested politely to stay away to avoid unnecessary fights and harassment. We get it. You don't like it. So, just ignore us.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!