Falcon & Winter Soldier Buddy Cop/Road Trip Movie

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As soon I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I knew right away that Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie gave their best performances to the beloved characters Winter Soldier and the Falcon. What I didn't know is how well the actors get along offset. I have seen many interviews promoting the movie Winter Soldier with these two and quickly sensed an undeniable chemistry. It is clear they became fast friends and enjoy each other's company. This is probably why they were again paired up for Civil War interviews.

Many of the interviewers sensed the strong chemistry between them and even asked if there would be some kind of "buddy cop" or road trip movie with the two of them. Sebastian said he told Marvel, while Anthony kind of hinted at a "48 hour" type movie. However, I, along with other fans, would love to see a full movie with the two of them. Their scenes in Civil War were entertaining and had people talking, and I believe many fans, including myself, are really intrigued by their characters' relationship and would to see it being explored further. It would be amazing if the Russo brothers could direct this as well, as they come from comedic origins with shows such as Community and Arrested Development. So, here I explain my case.

To whomever sees this and agrees with me, spread the word!! It we want this to happen, we have to get fans involved and make sure Marvel sees it!! Sign the petition and hopefully Marvel will give us what we want!! :D