Loki: Justice for Loki in the future Avengers/Thor films!

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Update: With the announce of the Loki series I believe this petition can be closed. Or perhaps I‘ll wait for Endgame before I‘ll declare victory and close it, but note I stopped promoting here months ago.

The following was written days after I‘ve seen Infinity War:

"As a great fan of Loki/Tom Hiddleston the exit Marvel has (supposedly) given him hurts! And because I‘m not sure what they have planned for him in the future and because Loki means a lot to me, I felt I needed to stand up! What do I want to achieve with this petition? One way or another Marvel needs to fix what they have done to Loki in the film Avengers Infinity War! If not in the Avengers 4, then in a future movie! Loki had deserved his own movie years ago, it might be too late for that. But it's not to late for us to stand up and fight for a proper future for Loki in the MCU! 

Tom Hiddleston has given Marvel so much! His portraying Loki inspired so many people! It inspired me to start writing and to start believing in myself again! Loki has grown thanks to Tom into one of the most popular characters of the MCU! We are aware of the fact Tom Hiddleston can‘t portray an immortal God forever, but I think all the fans who have signed agree about the fact his time hasn't been running out by far! Tom Hiddleston has done Marvel so much good and he's great for his fans. Remember being all in character at the San Diego comic con of 2013? Wish I was there because he gave the fans a day they never will forget! It's clearly Tom Hiddleston does his work with his heart and soul, that I admire him for. He truly is an angel on earth!

And if this is the true exit Marvel gave him, then I must see it as a stab through the heart. If they had did some more effort and looked into the character from the previous films, they would have known Loki is smart enough to know stabbing an enemy powerful like that is pointless! In my opinion, it totally doesn't fit the character! Ragnarok gave him a stage (savior scene, a little like Tony Stark predicted), made him a hero which IW brutally ended. I think Loki deserves better! Marvel, you would make a lot of fans happy when you fix this and let Loki return as the true hero/savior we see him for!

Note: This petition and I do NOT stand for spreading hate towards Marvel & the Russo Brothers! This petition stands for giving Loki a proper destiny/future in the MCU, on a respectful and decent way!"


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