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Have The Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Appear In Infinity War!

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Not only has Phil Coulson played an important role in bringing the avengers together, but he along with all the other characters from Agents Of Shield have had more screen time and adventures than anyone else in the MCU currently. The show has really grown too be an incredible journey that's just begging too have these characters join in the fight against Thanos! There's so much built with these character's I think it would be a tremendous waste to pass this up. Honestly, even a cameo in Avengers 4 would be fitting! But this is something I think all fans could appreciate! For those at marvel who are afraid that non fans of shield won't get it, I guarantee you they won't care, it's infinity war!!! They're not even gonna notice. But for the millions of fans it'll be a dream come true! You might say scheduling is an issue, Im pretty sure if you offered any of the TV productions would gladly figure it out! Avengers Is the big leagues, The AOS team are on that level, I say give them a chance... and if anything, get Coulson on there :) (Agents is an amazing show and this might just be its final season, if that's the case.. Then what better way to send it off (: )

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