Marvel Entertainment: Please create an ongoing solo book for Storm (Ororo Munroe)

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Storm is one of the most popular X-Men and is also one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. With the powers of Mother Nature as well as the skills of an expert thief and the potential to use magic, she can definitely sustain her own solo book, just as long as that book is receives significant advertising and is allowed room to grow and develop an audience.

Storm's ongoing solo would also require an excellent creative team, an intriguing and dangerous rogue's gallery, and plots that are important to the entire Marvel Universe.

It is also important to point out that the sales numbers for Storm's past mini-series should not be used as an indication of how well her potential solo series might sell, since several factors have to be taken into consideration for why her past mini-series might not have sold as well as Marvel Entertainment would have liked. For instance, how well were Storm's mini-series advertised? Who were the villains in the mini-series? How well were the mini-series written? How was the art in the mini-series? What was the overall plot and direction of the mini-series? Was Storm doing anything really important to the overall Marvel Universe in those mini-series?
In closing, Storm deserves a chance to headline her own solo book, since she can definitely be a solo character and should not be thought of as "just a team member." In Storm's very first appearance, she was a solo character doing her own thing in Africa when she was recruited to be a member of a team. Also, every character has the potential to be a solo character; believing otherwise limits the characters.
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