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Tell Marvel to stop calling their female comic 'Thor, the god of Thunder,’ & to stop misrepresenting the Asatru religious symbol Mjollnir.

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 *Ask Marvel to publicly apologize to the Heathen community for the religious insensitivity of their Official Press Releases, including: "...this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute--she’s now the one & only Thor, & she is worthy!"... also from a Marvel Editor: "...the comics are only inspired by Norse mythology, & they’ve almost never followed the stories line-for-line (& even if they did, mythology suffers from a massive case of The Telephone Game, with lots of different tellings evolving over the years)....

      This petition isn't to 'stop marvel', we'd like for them to acknoledge us as a faith and show the same sensitivity & respect as they would to outraged Christians for sending the message 'Christ isn't worthy of his Cross' to millions of children, as they do with Thor & his hammer.  They do not acknoledge the Aesir as part of a living faith, simply claim its ok to play telephone with our myths...

The Marvel comic 'Thor' perpetuates prejudice towards Norse Polytheism, & the modern Asatru religion, as for example, Whoopi Goldberg said recently on the View:  "Thor, the god of thunder, he messed up – he is no longer worthy to hold that damn hammer of his. & for the first time in history - that hammer is being held by a woman."                                                 

  • Asatruers, & adherants to Thor do not appreciate their male God being made synonymous with this female comic.  This is highly offensive within Heathenry, specifically.  Demasculating the God of Strength is amongst the highest forms of blasphemy within Norse Paganism. 
  •   Effeminizing the Heathen God Thor is considered one of the gravest  insults (fullréttisorð) directed towards the modern Heathen community. ‘Thor’ is the plagiarized version of a deity, whose followers happen to be against calling Thor "ergi" or "unmanly". This is, therefore, not comparable to turning spider-man into spider-woman.  A very real religious minority is being targeted, & their dogma misconstrued & perverted-for millions of people to see. 
  • The hammer Mjollnir is an Asatru religious symbol now recognized by the VA.  This symbol is not a mascot, for any gender or pick up, & be titled 'The God of Thunder', to say so creates a disconnect between the God Thor, & his holy symbol-it is a symbolic castration to call Thor unworthy of a symbol sacred exclusively to him for thousands of years.  This comic will only serve to invalidate an already highly misunderstood minority religious group, because it is hard to find religious acceptance within society when everyone puts your God in the same category as the cartoons "Ironman", & "the Hulk."
  • As a faith, Asatruers do not think that it is asking too much to have their religious symbol back, & for the name of their God to stop being misrepresented as well.  Our God is not a mascot. 


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