Cast Ming Na Wen's Melinda May in Captain Marvel.

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Okay yes, we are very happy that Phil Coulson is going to return in Captain Marvel as we Agents Of SHIELD fans have long waited for our favorite Agents to at least be acknowledge again on the Big Screen HOWEVER, since Phil has been already a staple in the MCU we feel it isn't enough.

With Phil Coulson's appearence we the fans feel it is the perfect Opportunity to bring along with one our favorite Agents onto the Screen with him and officially integrate Agents of SHIELD in to the MCU and since it is established in Canon that Phil Coulson and his fellow Agent Melinda May have been partners during the same period this movie is set to take place in,  it would make sense to add Melinda May into the movie as well. 

Melinda May has long been a fan favorite of Agents of SHIELD fanbase and has been critically well received by many news sites, with many instances with her becoming a top contender in viewers choice polls. Many women, both of Asian [particularly Chinese] descent and all races look up to Melinda May as a symbol of girl power and in resilience. In addition to this Ming Na Wen does a lot to promote Marvel Studios including attending all the movie premieres and is passionate about the company and I am sure you would want someone as enthusiastic in the cast.

So we implore you Marvel to greatly consider this grand opportunity Ming Na Wen to reprise her role as Melinda May onto the big screen. The long time fans of Agents of SHIELD will greatly apperciate and we are sure Ming Na Wen will be happy to be aboard as well.

Thanks for your consideration

The Marvel Fans of Agents of SHIELD