Bring back Tony.

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I have been grown up while watching Ironman and more then Ironman I love tonystark and like me millions of other people love him too and we Don't deserve this. we are more then fans we live Tony stark he ain't just a character for us he is our inspiration, he is our motivation, he is the reason we wait whole year for a single movie where can see him and then we spend our remaining year thinking about him, when we are sad we think about him when we are happy we think about him he is the reason why i got interest in engineering and I am sure one why other he must have given you hope to do something remarkable in your life.

I Don't want his legacy to end so I request to all of you either you are a dc fan or a Marvel fan come join hands and sign this petition.

Let Robert Downey jr know how much we want him to do Tony stark.

Let Russo's know we don't care whatever the ticket prices are we just want to see Tony living again .

Let Marvel comics remember that it was Tony stark who has made them what they are now.