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Marvel and Netflix: Fan tips for future seasons of the MCU TV series "The Punisher"

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The future seasons of "The Punisher" should have at least 16 episodes each. The future seasons of "The Punisher" should have an extended version of the intro used for Season 1, with the intro being a minute longer and having additional imagery that's done in the style that was used for the intro of the 2004 live-action Punisher movie. For certain episodes, the intro should have the music composition used for Season 1's intro being played in the background, while for other episodes, the intro should have the theme music from the 2004 live-action Punisher movie being played in the background. Also, certain episodes should have certain previous Punisher logo fonts from various forms of media(including comic books, films, and video games) being used for the on-screen showing of the TV series's title at the end of the intro. Frank should use various previous Punisher outfits worn by various previous counterparts of him from various forms of media(including comic books, "Spider-Man: The Animated Series"[1994], films, and video games). In addition to music compositions used in Season 1, music compositions from the 1989 live-action Punisher movie, the 2004 live-action Punisher movie, the 2005 home console Punisher video game, and the 2008 live-action film "Punisher: War Zone" should be used, in addition to more new music compositions by Tyler Bates.

In Season 2, David Linus Lieberman's full nickname, "Microchip", should be used, Frank should re-unite with 2 friends of his that he met while in the US Marine Corps, who should be a former US Army Ordnance Corps member named Reiss(the Mechanic) and a weapon supplier named Roger Wong, Frank should use the name "John Smith" and move into an apartment building, with Joan and her dog named Frankie, Nathaniel Bumpo, and Spacker Dave being his neighbors, and Frank should encounter Jason Hunt, who tells him that his father, Forrest Hunt(the only other survivor of the Central Park Massacre), who worked for Hector Montoya(who was the boss of one of the Blacksmith(Ray Schoonover)'s heroin couriers), is about to blow the whistle on Operation Cerberus and how it was funded by the Blacksmith(Ray Schoonover)'s heroin sales, and that Forrest also knows the identity of the man who shot Frank's wife & kids dead. Frank learns from Forrest that the killer of Frank's wife & kids is Bruno Costa(John Saint). Frank should go up against numerous enemies, including the Costa crime family(who are also known as the Saints), who are part of the Maggia(Syndicate), Quentin Glass(the right-hand man of the head of the Costa(Saint) crime family, Frank Costa(Howard Saint), who's secretly the demon Olivier(this should be revealed in a future season)), Mike & Joe Toro(who own a casino), the crime boss Gianni Franco, the Yakuza clan led by Lady Tanaka, Mickey Fondozzi(Mickey Duka) & his gang, the Carbone crime family(whom Frank stops with the help of Shotgun(JR Walker) after he saves Frank and Mickey Fondozzi(Mickey Duka) from the Carbones), the Gnucci crime family, Harry Thornton(Harry Heck), the Russian, General Kreigkopf, and Jigsaw(Billy Russo), his newly formed criminal gang, & his brother, Loony Bin Jim(James Russo)(who Jigsaw & his gang break out of an insane asylum). The portrayal of Frank Costa(Howard Saint) should be a cross between John Travolta's portrayal of Howard Saint in the 2004 live-action Punisher movie and Vincent D'Onofrio's portrayal of Wilson Fisk in the MCU franchise. Detective Martin Soap, Detective Saffioti, and Lieutenant Molly von Richthofen should be introduced. The Liebermans should find & take in a bulldog who turns out to be Frank's missing bulldog named Max. At the end of the Season 2 finale episode, plans should be laid out for turning a normal-looking but secretly armored van into the Battle Van, and Frank should say the line that his counterpart from the 2004 live-action Punisher film said at the end of said film.

In Season 3, Frank should reunite with 4 of his friends that he met while in the US Marine Corps, who should be Jake Berkowitz, Jimmy Weeks, Yorkie Mitchell, and Bruce Ayers. Detective Paul Budiansky should be introduced. Frank should meet an alcoholic old man named Shake. Carlos Cruz, who is an ex-criminal, should be introduced as a new ally of Microchip, and Microchip should try to persuade Frank to trust him. Frank should go up against the Cesare crime family, the Rockhouse Operation(which should include a newly created character named Chris Hoyle, who should be depicted as being Curtis Hoyle's brother and should be based on the comic book character Curtis 'Chris' Hoyle, who the MCU character Curtis Hoyle is inspired by), the Bulats, the Sunrise Society(Eternal Sun)(who Frank stops with the help of the Shadowmasters), Chester 'Chet' Scully, Saracen, and Barracuda.

In Season 4, Frank should meet the NYPD officer named Lynn Michaels after saving her from a rapist that he has been tailing, and Frank should meet Nigel Higgins, who has been inspired by the Punisher to become the vigilante called Outlaw. Frank should go up against the Bunsen Burners, Stan Ori, the Bessuchos, Saracen, Payback(who should be an amalgam of the comic book characters Payback(Edward Dyson) and Mr Payback), the anti-vigilante police task force called VIGIL, the drug dealer named MC, Recoil, the assassin named Stone Cold(who is a former SHIELD agent), the mobster named Mr Ballard, Mondo Pain, Heathen, Alex Alaric, the Punishment Squad, and the Trust.



There should be a 30-minute-long(without counting the credits) animated short film that show's Frank's escapades between the events of "Daredevil - Season 2" and the events of "The Punisher - Season 1". There should be an animated short film that's based on the Punisher comic book story "The Punisher: The Tyger".

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