fire Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim dos santos

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There have been many speculations going around about Lauren and Joaquim, most of them being that they never cared for their voltron fans and constantly baited and lied to them. They had promised LGBT+ but all we got was one dead lesbian couple who came back to life one season later as damage control, one half of a dead gay man in a relationship where he was engaged to Takashi Shirogane. (His name was Adam). They also had shown many romantic scenes between these other characters from the same show: Voltron: Legendary Defender. Keith and Lance. This alien princess named Allura had NEVER had feelings for Lance throughout s1-s6 but it was fairly obvious Keith had feelings for Lance. In season 7, Allura and Lance had a scene where they blushed at each other out of nowhere. Then in season 8, they had started going out. I guess after the second time Allura kissed Lance, he suddenly became her kind. (Altean). Which was really weird because Lauren had shut down altean Lance once before in an interview. But that's not entirely what Voltron ex-fans are upset about. They are upset about the promised rep when they killed off most of their rep and almost killed off Shiro (Takashi Shirogane) but decided to keep him just for money and toy sales purposes. Then there's the blatant racism in the show where the latino character (Lance is cuban) gets bullied, made fun of by his own teammates (except Keith and Shiro), gets put down constantly, has many insecurities that were never addressed, and his own supposed "best friend's" kept leaving him out of stuff they did together. (Hunk Garrett and Pidge/Katie Gunderson/Holt). Lance was always tortured and treated like shit. As was Shiro. Shiro was tortured for so long by another alien race called the Galra. They would leave scars on him and make him fight to stay alive. At the end of season 8, Lance became a farmer but his original dream was to graduate from The Garrison (their elite school for people who like engineering and flying) and became a famous fighter pilot, but instead they made the latino boy become a farmer. Quite racist many fans believe. They have tortured their gays and poc for too long. There have been rumors that they dont ever like their fanbase and they didnt make certain things happen because it was out of spite and bitterness due to hating either people who love Lance and people who shipped Klance. They also never once shut down a predatory and incestial ship between Keith Kogane and Shiro. Keith was raised from a minor to an adult by Shiro who was already an adult when Keith was a minor (about 11-13 and Shiro was about early 20's or so). Keith had also called Shiro his brother twice in the show, and Keith's mother, Krolia, thanked Shiro for "raising Keith to be the man he is today". Lauren had said "some people will see them as brotherly, some people will see them as romantic and we can't change that, people will see it how they want to see it". They had also killed off their main woc for no reason, which many fans had seen as racist and it upset half the fandom because Allura was a beloved character by many. You don't want someone who hates their own fanbase and supporters working for you, would you? (JDS and Lauren both had parts in everything done and said in Voltron). The fandom has collectively decided they will never ever support anything produced by those two ever again due to the events that have happened over the past two years within this show and within secrets that have been spilled in the fandom after the show ended. These two don't know how to handle LGBTQ+ rep and poc rep. Another voltron spill but post s7 Joaquim Dos Santos reached out to one of the fans and has admitted to waiting for the ‘bury your gays’ aftermath to die down, he didn’t want to acknowledge it at all but a friend told him it was best to write an apology note. That’s why he wrote one in the first place (for burying a gay), they told the friend what he should say & the friend included other stuff that they felt was needed to be said. JDS’ apology note was still half assed, i guess they did the best they could do with that one. From what I've heard, the show bible focused a lot more on character interactions. but lm really loves fight scenes and jds likes things to be dark (apparently he wanted keith to have to kill shiro) so the character focused stuff got thrown out. We want nothing more than for (former) vld viewers to stop supporting the showrunners that peddled a cartoon w/ racist/misogynistic/homophobic tropes at its heart. Also a user on tumblr was spot on when they said the way voltron was structured always meant it would fail narratively. they didn’t have consistent writers which is why one character seems one way one minute, then completely different two seasons later. These two started hating lance because of his fans too that’s why he always has the WORST interview content and gets treated so badly in the show. This isn't about ships, this isn't about what did and didn't become canon. This is about how they treat characters in general. Lauren had said they would see Adam and Shiro "visibly in love" but they only got a breakup scene and the scene where Adam dies. This is supposed to be a kids show. They also showed a dead body with the characters guts spilling out in Season 8. Klance (the ship between Keith and Lance) ended up just becoming bait and fan service to keep most of their viewers around and they never intended for it to happen despite all the evidence. Lauren and Joaquim have messed up so bad that i made this petition because most of us never want to see anything supported or produced by these two ever again. Lotor's (a half galra half altean alien) past was shown and it showed how much he was abused, how much he suffered, and how he had a really tortured childhood- this was shown to make us feel bad for the character and it worked. Except- they gave Lotor's father, Zarkon, a redemption arc and just let Lotor be dead even after he killed his father because of the horrible man Zarkon was. Again, this isn't about some stupid ship wars. This is about getting justice for the character's that they did dirty. Many people are so upset over these types of stuff that they just feel empty inside. For me, my favorite characters were Lotor, Allura, Keith, Lance, Shiro, Adam, and Hunk. But they were all done so dirty and now we demand justice.