Stop RBC from supporting radical sex education in schools

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RBC is engaging in a kind of political activism that is unsuitable for a bank and socially highly divisive. The bank has openly given monetary support to the ARC Foundation in Vancouver, BC, which was instrumental in developing the SOGI (sexual orientations and gender identities) material now being used in many BC schools to teach children about sexuality.

There has been outrage against this material, which is being taught to children under the banner of "inclusiveness". The ones being excluded, however are parents as first educators. The SOGI material is highly ideological and does not take any moral dimensions of sexuality into account. It teaches beliefs, such as that a person can be of a different gender than their biological sex indicates, that are against the beliefs of many parents who do not wish for the government to determine how their children should think about sexuality. Outrage against this ideology being taught in schools has manifested both in BC and Alberta, including the worldwide Sex-Ed Sit Out that took place on April 23, 2018, and strong parental opposition in Ontario, where very similar ideas are now being taught in schools.

In a letter of February 5, 2018 justifying their financial support for SOGI 1 2 3, RBC told me that "Our institution has a commitment to serve and support these communities and their diversity. This vision is one of RBC’s core values." Please join me in telling RBC that they have acted against their declared values in assisting an effort designed to eradicate diversity and to enforce a single view on sexuality that is now being imposed on the most vulnerably of our society - young children - against the will and preferences of many parents. Tell RBC they must respect the most elemental human rights, including the right of parents to educate their children according to their own convictions.

Tell RBC that you don't appreciate that a bank engages in issues negatively affecting parental rights or that it supports radical groups and ideologies such as those promoted through SOGI 1 2 3. In my opinion, a bank should see to it that it provides reliable and affordable services, invests responsibly, and maximizes shareholder value. Whereas I appreciate RBC Foundation's role in community giving and philanthropy, RBC must act responsibly with such investments and should never engage in controversial issues where corporations take sides in an on-going public discussion. Tell RBC to concentrate on their core business responsibilities and to truly respect the diversity in Canadian society with respect to their community engagement. In a free society, we cannot have corporations get involved in issues that limit parental or other human rights.