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Where is the elusive face of accountability and response within the spider's web of European bureaucracy?

This petition was started by Occupy for Animals on 6th of October, 2013 and is addressed to the European Institutions. 

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The President of the European Parliament
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The President of the European Council

The President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals

But Where Is He/She? Where is the elusive face of accountability and response within the spider's web of European bureaucracy?  

Voices of terror and anguish are being heard across the country of Romania. Death cries of over one million animals which the recently introduced law has condemned to death. 

Let us also not play with semantics by using words like 'euthanasia' and 'humane'. Animals will and are being killed grotesquely on the streets and in extremes of inhumane activity in the shelters. 

Voices of concern have been raised! Accompanying this cacophony are the voices of the children whose screams of terror will soon be silenced. Silenced by a natural process where they will desensitize to the horror. Their psychological defense mechanism will protect their emotions. Exposure to abuse and violence will become normal to them, they will not care. 

Unfortunately desensitization comes at a cost. They will lose the ability to be empathic and compassionate towards animals and people. An uncaring, compassion-less society, determined primarily by government practice. A practice which has polarized a society... some aggressing against animals and some seeking to protect. 

Lest the gravity not be understood, six deaths have already occurred because of this polarization... after only one week since its introduction. One can only imagine her death count as the weeks, months and years pass. 

Many are the entreaties, the petitions, the appeals in the past but now a different dimension of outrage is being expressed by the people of Europe. The Romanian Government's introduction of a Law which impacts on the animals, the children and grossly negatively on their society has created outrage at an unprecedented level. 

But who among our elected representatives responds? 
Who in the public funded institutions steps forward with accountability? 
Where is this face? 

We hear the inadequate posturing of those institutions who declare unacceptability of behaviors. Well may we declare that such 'unacceptable' behavior is taking place right now in Romania. 

European institutions, where are your teeth? 
Where is this face?

Abdication to Article 13 of the Treaty of Lisbon has long been invoked because no competence is given to the issue of stray animals. The nebulous 'terms' 'subsidiarity'  and 'proportionality' are invoked as inhibiting factors to EU activity and involvement. 

There is also some confusion as to the exact definition of the terms 'subsidiarity' and 'proportionality' as contained within Article 13 of the Treaty of Lisbon. We had asked the EU if they could please help us to clarify our thinking. But they couldn't. They seem to be clueless themselves about the correct definition of the nebulous 'terms' 'subsidiarity' and 'proportionality' and our questions still remain unanswered.

What we had asked was, if we were correct in assuming that in, for example, the case of Romania initiating an 'eradication' program with attendant consequences for Romanian society, such a proportionally extreme policy would satisfy the four criteria of:

- there must be a legitimate aim for a measure

- the measure must be suitable to achieve the aim (potentially with a requirement of evidence to show it will have that effect)

- the measure must be necessary to achieve the aim, that there cannot be any less onerous way of doing it

- the measure must be reasonable, considering the competing interests of different groups at hand. 

If among the many tens of thousands of EU-employees, proportionally a minority, and be it only ONE person, could answer the above question and send it to us at <,> we would be infinitely grateful. A suggestion might be to ask the one who "designed" Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty. He or she might know the answer...

Let it also be acknowledged that if we take a commonality of all Member States as a benchmark, then the current events would challenge the sensibilities if they were described as any other than disproportionate. But let us no longer make forlorn requests of the abjectly unresponsive institutions of the EU and CoE. 

Let us take the constant abdication factor of the Treaty of Lisbon. The Treaty defines all animals, including the planned eradication group, as 'sentient beings'. The Treaty also prescribes for EU involvement in the domain of 'Human Health'. There IS evidence that exposure to animal abuse LINKS to human health issues in addition to aggression acquisition and enhancement. A society created where compassion and empathy are diminished but aggression is increased. 

One wonders if the elusive face which does not address the issues demanded, is the same face hidden away in a dark room at the end of a long corridor within the labyrinth of the EU and determines that although they will do nothing to address the issues creating such a health affecting, distorted and dangerous society, they will however sanction the free-movement of citizens of this society into other EU Member countries where such emotional disabilities, behavior and enhanced aggression are anathema. 

This IS trans-national! 

Will the nameless face step forward and address these concerns of the European people and which affect ALL of Europe?

Yours sincerely, 

[signer's name]

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    José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission)
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    Herman Van Rompuy
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    Martin Schulz
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  • Spitzenkandidat für die Bundestagswahl 2017
    Martin Schulz (SPD)

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