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The European Union MUST - according to its own constitution - intervene in Romania!

50,000 (?) EU-employees measuring cucumbers and bananas whilst a society (in Romania) desensitizes and acquires enhanced aggression levels, before being EU assigned 'export' status?

Meanwhile the streets are littered with the corpses of many dogs. People also. Whilst a society desensitizes, zombifies... and in the Hallowed Halls of Power in some distant land, priority is given to the measuring of a cucumber or a banana, somewhere between their coffee breaks!


This petition was started by Occupy for Animals on 6th of October, 2013 and is addressed to the European Institutions. 

The letter that you can read below will be sent instantly to all addressees as soon as you sign this petition, and it explains its purpose. 

For further information, please visit: http://www.occupyforanimals.org/the-european-institutions-and-the-power-of-inaction.html

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The President of the European Parliament

The President of the European Commission

The President of the European Council

The President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals


To all those of the European Union who experienced problems identifying the necessary and proportionate involvement in Member Country affairs: an event has now occurred which in its radicality, completely defines and clarifies these concerns.

For details regarding said event, please visit:

The Treaty of Lisbon identifies two conditions: that of 'proportionality' and 'subsidiarity'. Questions posed about these terms are currently awaiting a clarification response. 


We offer to the European Commission the suggestion that the recent Romanian Law to slaughter all stray animals not only is inconsistent with EU animal welfare law but also is health affecting and introduces societal disturbance. Provision of a Duty of Care to protect mental health is also embraced within the Romanian Constitution. Therefore the current activity which has deleterious effects on mental health can be deemed 'unconstitution-intranationally'. 

'Subsidiarity' carries the following guidelines: 
- Does the action have transnational aspects that cannot be resolved by Member States? · 

- Would national action or an absence of action be contrary to the requirements of the Treaty? 

- Does action at European level have clear advantages? 

It is suggested that the recent policies introduced in Romania causing enormous suffering to animals on a hitherto un-imagined scale, concomitant with the evidenced impact on children's health through exposure to such public aggression. Serious community diminishment of empathy and compassion. Emotions allied with enhanced aggression with EU sanctioned access to other EU countries where such standards are anathema. An introduced abuse of animals, that the Romanian Parliament defined as 'eradication' and the polarization of a society, some aggressing, some protecting, with six deaths already. Children's psychological heath is being affected on a national population scale!

This definitively DEMANDS the EU to introduce policies which are both humane and effective.These exist! They are embraced within EU Law. EU LAW is being mocked on a previous hitherto unseen scale. 

ALL conditions of engagement under the 'subsidiarity' principle are hereby met! A mandate is set! The European Union MUST - according to its own constitution - intervene in Romania!


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  • Council of the European Union
  • Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the EU-Parliament
    Madame Ermina Mazzoni (Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the EU-Parliament)
  • Intergroup
    Jacqueline Foster (Intergroup)
  • Intergroup
    David Martin (Intergroup)
  • President of the European Commission
    José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission)
  • MEP
    Nigel Farage
  • President of the European Council
    Herman Van Rompuy
  • President of the European Parliament
    Martin Schulz
  • European Commission
  • Parteivorsitzender SPD
    Martin Schulz (SPD)

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