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Adressée à Minister of Agriculture - Estonia Ivari Padar (Minister of Agriculture - Estonia) et 45 autres

Reject the proposal contained in the draft of the 'EU Animal Health Law' that defines stray domestic animals as "wild animals"

This petition is a joint action by Occupy for Animals and Rescue Association Hobo Dogs Finland, started on 21st of December, 2014. The petition was submitted for official registration to the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions by Occupy for Animals on the same date.  

All information about this important petition is compiled on a dedicated website, at: http://strayanimalsarenotwildanimals.weebly.com/ 


Up to now, the Commission made a substantial difference between wild animals and kept animals. Unfortunately, this could now change with the introduction of the new 'EU Animal Health Law' which is currently being discussed in its final stage.

For the last three years, the European Commission has been drafting an Animal Health Law, which is supposed to replace and encompass most of the present EU legislation on animal health, striving for simplification and greater consistency under common principles and general rules, and under the initial draft of the 'EU Animal Health Law', stray domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, should have been considered 'wild animals'. 

It seemed as if, due to the voting of the MEPs in April 2014, this had been avoided and they would no longer fall under the scope of ‘wild animals’ but would be defined under a new category of ‘non-owned animals of domesticated species’. It is crucial not to let abandoned and non-owned animals fall under the category of 'wild animals' in order to avoid a massive eradication of them. Dogs and cats must always be considered as domestic animals, even if they are no longer under direct human control. 

Unfortunately, in December 2014, FOUR PAWS European Policy Office in Brussels, reported that the proposal is presently being discussed in the last stage of the legislative process conducted through the Trialogue (which includes European Council, Commission and Parliament), and that in the present draft of the 'EU Animal Health Law', an opposing trend has become apparent which might now even determine the decrease of protection: the proposal tabled by the European Commission wants to consider stray domestic animals again as wild animals, despite the fact that a majority of MEPs voted against this definition in April 2014.

According to FOUR PAWS, this is happening without publicity, in the attempt to get this unacceptable definition passed without attracting criticism as it would deliberately ignore the constant requests of EU citizens to increase the level of protection granted to all animals, not to decrease it. 

It is extremely important that European citizens, and compassionate people from all over the world, speak up against this  ‘two-class system’ for dogs and cats, depending if they have a family or not.  

This classification is not only ridiculous, but it could lead to confusion in legal terms - to serious misunderstandings and legal uncertainty in all Member States - and be downright dangerous not only for homeless dogs and cats, but also for owned animal companions that might have got lost, or have escaped.  

All in all, such an illogical distinction is scientifically wrong as it ignores the fundamental biological distinction between wild and domestic animals, and poses a serious threat to homeless animals as it would stigmatize them as 'second class animals'. It would decrease their level of protection, ignoring the will of the European citizens who are calling for a BETTER protection of ALL animals, and it would indeed mean a major step back for the European animal welfare.  

Please don't let this happen!  

Please speak up for Europe's homeless animals by signing our registered petition and please ask your family and friends to sign it, too.  

Thank you very much, in advance. 

Pia Berrend / Founder & Campaign Manager at Occupy for Animals!
Taija Jolanki / Rescue Association Hobo Dogs


Cette pétition a été remise à:
  • Minister of Agriculture - Estonia
    Ivari Padar (Minister of Agriculture - Estonia)
  • Minister of Agriculture - Poland
    Marek Sawicki
  • Minister of Agriculture - Netherlands
    Sharon Dijskma
  • Minister of Agriculture - Luxembourg
    Fernand Etgen
  • Minister of Agriculture - Lithuania
    Virginija Baltraitienė
  • Minister of Agriculture - Italy
    Maurizio Martina
  • Ministers of Agriculture - Ireland
    Simon Coveney and Tom Hayes
  • Minister of Agriculture - Hungary
    Sándor Fazekas
  • Minister of Agriculture - Greece
    Karasmanis A. Georgios
  • Minister of Agriculture - Germany
    Christian Schmidt
  • Minister of Agriculture - Portugal
    Assunção Cristas
  • Minister of Agriculture - Romania
    Daniel Constantin
  • Minister of Agriculture - Slovakia
    Ľubomír Jahnátek
  • Minister of Agriculture - Sweden
    Sven-Erik Bucht (Minister of Agriculture - Sweden)
  • Isabel García Tejerina
  • Member of the European Parliament
    Herbert Dorfmann
  • Health Commissioner
    Vytanis Andriukaitis
  • Eurogroup for Animals
    Mr Andreas Erler
  • Companion Animal Project Leader, Eurogroup for Animals
    Joe Moran
  • Head of DEFRA
    Elizabeth Truss
  • Minister of Agriculture - Spain
    Isabel Garcia Tejerina
  • Minister of Agriculture - Slovenia
    Dejan Židan
  • Ministre de l'Agriculture, de l'Agroalimentaire et de la Forêt, Porte-parole du Gouvernement
    Stéphane Le Foll
  • Minister of Agriculture - Finland
    Petteri Orpo
  • Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development
    Phil Hogan
  • Commissioner for Health and Food Safety - European Commission
    Vytenis Andriukaitis
  • First Vice-President of the European Commission
    Frans Timmermans
  • President of the European Commission
    Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission)
  • Ministro delle Politiche Agricole, Forestali e Alimentari
    Maurizio Martina
  • Spitzenkandidat für die Bundestagswahl 2017
    Martin Schulz (SPD)
  • Bundesminister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft
    Christian Schmidt, CSU
  • President of the European Parliament
    Martin Schulz
  • Donald Tusk
  • President of the European Council
    Donald Tusk
  • Rapporteur
    Marit Paulsen
  • Member of the European Parliament
    Michela Guiffrida
  • Minister of Agriculture - Denmark
    Dan Jørgensen
  • Minister of Agriculture - Czech Republic
    Marian Jurečka
  • Minister of Agriculture - Cyprus
    Nicos Kouyialis
  • Minister of Agriculture - Croatia
    Tihomir Jakovina
  • Minister of Agriculture - Bulgaria
    Desislava Taneva
  • Minister of Agriculture - Belgium - Wallonia
    Willy Borsus
  • Minister of Agriculture - Belgium - Flanders
    Joke Schauvliege
  • Minister of Agriculture - Austria
    Andrä Rupprechter
  • President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals
    Janusz Wojciechowski
  • Council of the European Union

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