Petition Closed
Petitioning Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley and 4 others

Veto Sunday Hunting on State Lands Bills SB 472/HB 0406 and SB 473/HB 0432.

Help preserve access to public lands and preserve one day of peace per week. The Maryland Ornithological Society opposes expansion of Sunday Hunting. SB 472/HB 0406 would permit Sunday hunting on private and public land in Allegany, Garret, and Washington Counties.  This would eliminate access to those public lands for all other taxpayers for 7 days a week, and would eliminate the one day a week those on neighboring lands can enjoy peace and security.  SB 473/HB 0432 would expand deer hunting to Sunday in Allegany, Garret, Washington, and Frederick Counties, and could likewise deprive allothers of access to their public lands, and those on adjoining lands of peace and subject them to risk.

Letter to
Governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley
Secretary of Department of Natural Resources Joseph P. Gill
Legislative Director, Department of Natural Resources Richard Norling
and 2 others
Maryland Senator Senator George Edwards
Governor Martin O'Malley
Please Veto Sunday Hunting on State Lands Bills SB472/HB0406 and SB473/HB0432 and preserve one day a week for your nonhunting constituents to enjoy state lands.