Full Funding of Educational Cost Sharing for Hamden Public Schools

The State has been Underfunding Hamden’s Public
Schools by Almost $18 Million Per Year.

This affects every Hamden community member—students, taxpayers, families, parents, town employees, teachers, seniors, and businesses. Please fight for full Education Cost Sharing (ECS) Funding in Hamden!

Hamden has only been receiving 60% of what we should be receiving, which equates to $17.8 million dollars annually that we're missing out on! We are not asking for favors. All we ask is to get adequate funding for our public schools. Hamden’s taxpayers cannot keep absorbing a higher property taxes every year to make up for state underfunding.

Facts about Hamden:

  • Hamden has one of the highest mill rates in the state.
  • Over the last six years, Hamden’s budget for public schools has increased less than 1.2% per year while the average increases in Connecticut have been 2.07% in FY13–14 and 2.15% in FY14–15.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau Public Education Finances report, Connecticut is the most reliant state in the nation on the property tax to fund PreK–12 public education.

If Hamden Received Full ECS Funding:

  • More resources directed to instruction and innovation to make our schools better and reduce the achievement gap.
  • Prevent the elimination of more than 40 positions in our public schools in 2016-17.
  • The mill rate could potentially be lowered along with property taxes benefiting all of Hamden’s taxpayers.
  • Hamden could increase its contribution to the town’s employee pension fund so it is replenished to optimal levels within years rather than decades.
  • Hamden’s mill rate would NOT have to keep increasing. It was 31.16 in 2009; it is 40.87 now; and it will keep going up UNLESS our state legislators fight for adequate funding for our public schools.

If Hamden Does Not Receive Adequate ECS Funding:

  • If required to absorb proposed $1.2 million decrease to the BOE's approved budget, we will need to cut more than 40 positions.
  • We would need to eliminate programs across the district, reduce after-school activities and athletics such as Middle School football, and decrease electives at Hamden High.
  • Hamden's mill rate and property taxes will continue to increase, as they have for years.
This petition will be delivered to:
  • State Senator
    Martin Looney
  • State Representative
    J. Brendan Sharkey

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