Government Corruption

Government Corruption

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Melissa Justice started this petition to Senator Martin Heinrich and

It is absurd that the government ie: The FBI would allow Sharon Moore the former owner and co-conspirator Of Ayudando Guardians New Mexico’s former largest Guardianship Company in the state would be allowed to keep the Half Million Dollar Home she owns and the 2015 Ford Mustang she purchased clearly using ill gotten gains,from the crimes Moore and her company committed.

In her signed plea agreement with the government she is allowed to keep that $500,000 dollar Home  and brand New car .The Government agreed to have Mrs. Moore forfeit two of three homes she currently owns. The two that the government agreed to forfeit were already in the direction of foreclosure.

There are many victims of this stomach turning crime that Sharon Moore and Susan Harris committed in the New Mexico community as well as around the world.

 We The People ask The FBI these very important questions....

 Since the Government has allowed Sharon Moore to keep the Half million dollar home she currently lives in and owns and the very same home that the government required Moore to put up as collateral to secure her bond for release pending her so called trial.

1. Can the victims of her horrible acts be allowed to live in that Beautiful prestigious Half Million Dollar home until the government figures out when the Veterans, Disabled and in-prisoned people that were victimized will receive there money that was stolen from them back? What is the Government doing to assist these victims with their needs? ie: shelter, food, clothing and daily needs

2. Will these victims be allowed to drive or ride share the brand new  that the government has allowed her to keep that she gets to keep?  

3. What use will this prestigious home and brand new car be to Sharon Moore being that she is going to prison for the alleged 4 Million Dollars she stole?

Hold on she is going to prison for this crime Right? 

The public, The community of Albuquerque, The State of New Mexico and people across this great country of ours would like to know as well as everyone taken advantage of and victimized by this deception and crime.

The government should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the victims of this horrendous crime to be re-victimized in such fictitious and treacherous ways.

In conclusion we the people would like to share the fact that Jason Bowles who is Sharon Moore’s Attorney and Jeremy Pena The District Attorney assigned and heading the Ayudando Guardians Case both agreed to the terms offered to Moore in the plea agreement she recently signed but has yet to be sentenced on allowing Moore to keep rather than forfeit these luxuries.

Why would the government allow Sharon Moore to remain in possession of her luxury purchases and not have to forfeit them while stealing from everyone else leaving them clueless as to if and when they will ever receive any compensation Ayudandos actions or if they will just get what was rightfully theirs. 

4. We the people also ask the Government to enlighten us as to how Sharon Moore had the ability to pay Mr. Bowles $80,000 dollars to retain his services as her attorney? Thus again slapping the many victims to be re-victimized and slapped in the face for the millionth time.

5. We the people ask the Government where did that $80,000 come from? The victims who are struggling to make it Day by Day?

6. We the people ask The Government if they cut such deals and breaks and does not mind people in authority that go around pretending to protect, care for and have the best interest of veterans, the in-prisoned and the disabled community at ♥️ while posing as a legit Guardianship service put a law in effect allowing this type of behavior be seen as legal for everyone after to commit?

All the while knowing you the government will never adequately give the necessary punishments to the Ayudando Guardians or their owners nor the justice deserved in this case and the Justice the community is waiting to receive.

7. We the people would also like to know if Jason Bowles former United States District Attorney/Prosecutor turned Criminal Defense Attorney turned Pur Life canibus store owner In New Mexico has everyone in the Government getting High off his own supply? We ask that being this could be the only option we see as to why the government would allow this never informing the community and keeping this all hush hush 

We would rather the latter as this all seems like a joke and a nightmare no one can wake up from!

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