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Petitioning Federal Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism Martin Ferguson and 1 other

Martin Ferguson, Federal Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism: Invest in Renewable Energy NOT Fossil Fuels!

Australia has the best solar access of any country on our wonderful planet.  We also have access to wind, tide and wave energy as well.  The technology exists to commercially farm these renewable sources of energy that will free us friom the bondage of polluting fossil fuels.  We need to see real leadership from Government to change our energy policy and drive investment 100% renewable energy sources thus guaranteeing our future energy security and considerably reducing our carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

Letter to
Federal Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism Martin Ferguson
Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Minister for Industry and Innovation Greg Combet
Greetings Martin and Greg,

I watched the interview Alan Kohler conducted with Martin on the morning of Sunday November 18, 2012, on ABC1's Inside Business program. To put it lightly, I was appalled at the unquestioned support the Australian Government is giving to the fossil fuel industry in respect of $270 billion of committed capital investment and $230 billion in future potential investment.

Are either of you aware that for considerably less than this, Australia could be powered by 100% renewable energy, employing over 30,000 people over 10 to 15 years in the construction phase and many thousands thereafter. Do you realise that when such a grand and visionary project is completed Australia will never have energy security problems, never, ever?

Have either of you read the report on the environmental and health costs the fossil fuel industry is creating in our wonderful country as detailed in the Climate and Health Alliance and The Climate Institute's joint report: “Our Uncashed Dividend” on the health benefits of ending our bondage to fossil fuels.

How, in the light of this report and the Beyond Zero Emissions "Zero Carbon Australia Report" that details how we can be fully self sufficient in renewable energy production for all of our energy needs without any reduction in net jobs, can you continue to support the polluting, destructive and ultimately finite fossil fuel industry and it's continuing exploitation of our country to the detriment of our health and the environment?

Martin and Greg, there IS a better way. I implore you both to listen to to voice of real progress and enlightenment. Ditch fossil fuels and bring Australia into the 21st century by switching to renewables. Take advantage of the superior position in which we find ourselves in Australia with abundant solar access that, when combined with wind, tide and wave energy, and make us the envy of the entire planet!

Thank you. :-)