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Justice for Abused Horse...

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A young horse was shot and left to suffer, gasping for breath and blood spouting out of its nose, struggling to stand while its murderer went and got a tractor and wrapped a rope around its neck and drug it to a point where he once again shot it with a fatal blow. This has been in my mind since it happened and I can't seem to shake it!!!

Now I am hearing that he is, once again, going to get away with it!! 

What is wrong with our judicial system. If someone can kill a living creature so viciously and carelessly, what are they capable of doing to a human?

I have respect for hunters because they kill with compassion. One blow and its over. They kill for food and survival. This man killed for no reason other than he felt like it. He did not kill quickly and as pain free as a hunter. He killed in a way that caused undue suffering. He did not kill a wild animal for food. He killed a family pet, a domesticated animal. An animal that was part of someone's family. 

What if this was your horse that you had raised and loved since birth?

Will you stand by and let him go unpunished?

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