Bring back Freddie Stroma as Adam Cromwell for season 2 of "UnREAL"!

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According to an interview that Freddie Stroma gave, he said that he was unlikely to return for the second season of the critically-acclaimed Lifetime dramedy series "UnREAL", which is a show about the behind-the- scenes making of a "Bachelor" like dating reality show called "Everlasting".  :

Freddie plays Adam, the suitor on "Everlasting" that has to choose from a group of female contestants which woman will be his wife. Despite courting a bunch of women competing to be his bride, Adam has developed romantic feelings for Rachel Goldberg (played by Shiri Appleby), a field producer on "Everlasting", whose job is to manipulate the female contestants to get emotional responses from them to bring out dramatic moments to "Everlasting". Rachel has moral conflictions with her job, which she is forced to do by her boss and executive producer of "Everlasting" Quinn King (played by Constance Zimmer). Rachel also starts to develop romantic feelings for Adam, too! Rachel also has Jeremy, an ex-boyfriend that also works for "Everlasting" as the show's cameraman and director of Photography. Jeremy is engaged to Lizzie, the makeup artist on "Everlasting", but he still have romantic feelings for Rachel. Rachel also still has romantic feelings for Jeremy, but in a more sexual way. Rachel is more emotionally connected to Adam than she is to Jeremy. After the end of the season where Adam chooses that one lucky contestant to be his wife during the season finale of "Everlasting", Freddie Stroma's time on the show is done! But there are plenty of Adam & Rachel fans that want Freddie to come back for season two of "UnREAL", and want to see Adam and Rachel together rather than Rachel going back to Jeremy.

Sign this petition to let "UnREAL" creators Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro know that we want Freddie Stroma to return as Adam for season two of "UnREAL" on Lifetime, but not as a reality dating show contestant, but as a character that's in a relationship with Rachel. Since most of the engagements and marriages on the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows fall apart after a few months, why not have Adam's marriage to his winning bride from his season of "Everlasting" be a failure after a few months of marriage too? That way, he'll end up going back to Rachel to pursue a romance with her, and Rachel can just forget about getting back together with Jeremy and kick him to the curb to start a romantic relationship with Adam! It's important that the show capitalizes on the amazing chemistry of both Freddie & Shiri! I'll post the link to this petition to both Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro's twitter accounts to let our voices be heard! Please share this petition with your friends and family who are also "UnREAL" fans on facebook and twitter! And you can also share and post the link to this petition to Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro's twitter accounts, and also the twitter account to "UnREAL" and Lifetime, and post the link to this petition along with the hashtags #TeamAdam and #Radam. Below are their twitter addresses:

Marti Noxon - @martinoxon

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro - @GertShap

"UnREAL" - @UnRealLifetime

Lifetime - @lifetimetv




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