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Continuance of Homeschooled Children to Participate in IC sports

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For the past several years, homeschooled children have been allowed to participate in extracurricular sports at the Illini Central School District, Mason City, IL. This year however, they have decided to enforce a rule that they had on their books about not allowing homeschooled children to participate.   

The solution is simple. The rule that has been on the books state that homeschooled children will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activity. We are simply asking for them to make it an allowable activity, so long as the family follows the same sign up requirements. There is not a large homeschooling community in Illini Central, so we are not opening the floodgates to hundreds of students to take place of IC students.  As a matter of fact, when IC is co-oping students from Greenview for extracurricular activities this year, but disallowing a resident of this School District to run because of an old rule, this is an issue (rule) that needs to be changed.

One student that it will affect directly, is a mentor to the other runners in the cross country sport. She runs daily with younger runners, encourages the younger runners who were "giving up", by way of support, individual running challenges and even slowing herself down to run with them. She has ran cross country for three years, track two years with this school district and has been in junior olympics with Coach Jim since she was in the 3rd grade. This is HER team, her passion to run.  The family has offered to purchase their own uniform outright, drive to the meets instead of riding the bus and give up any/all awards. 

Please sign the petition and help her continue on with her passion to run with her teammates.


UPDATE: asked me to update on the latest developments.

In a nutshell; a board meeting had happened and I was unaware that it was being discussed. The board decided at that time to KEEP the rule because they (in a nutshell explanation coming) would not know whether or not they needed to sideline/bench a homeschooled student due to failing grades. As well as, the possibility of a public schooled childs family pulling a failing student from their system, homeschooling them during the duration of a sport, then putting the child back in after the sport is over. Hence, allowing a grade failing public school child to participate in the sport.

It seems to me, that the school board is looking more at the "how to discipline" rather than the good.

So, with this petition ongoing, my family will look into a COMPROMISE or an option for the school to implement if willing.

As well as the news media has contacted me, however, I will hold off on a news interview for now as it could negatively impact our upcoming board meeting where we will present compromises/options.

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