Stop Marshall's Ferret Mills

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Ferrets make remarkable pets as they are intelligent, mischievous, comedic, and loving. Any person who has ever owned one can tell you this. So it is no wonder that many would opt for this special animal as a pet. Marshall Farms has capitalized on this notion and has become one of the largest companies that breed ferrets and sell supplies for them.

From ample research (and personal experience) I have unfortunately come to find countless reports of people stating their ferrets from Marshall Farms develop cancer, adrenal disease, etc. at a very young age. This is due to inbreeding, unsanitary conditions, kits taken from their mothers at a young age, and fixed at a young age. The company even markets the hashtag "#FerretsAllYear" as they continue to keep producing them for profit.

The life expectancy for these amazing animals are steadily declining, and owners are left heartbroken as they watch their fur babies progressively get sicker and eventually pass prematurely. Ferrets were approximated to live over ten years some years back, and now its estimated to be around 4/5 years - that's half. This needs to stop.

Mills for any animal should be illegal, with companies shut down as soon as reports arise and are confirmed. If this company is sticking around, it needs to do better by the conditions in which they raise these beautiful animals. We need to be the voice for these special furbabies who have none. It's not okay. Let's come together and fight for them! They (and their owners) need your support! Thank you <3