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Petitioning Marshall County Blueberry Festival

Marshall County (IN) Blueberry Festival Organizers & Sponsors: Cancel the White Tiger Discovery exhibit

Countless national and international animal welfare organizations, as well as scientists, agree that white tigers are not viable genetic candidates for survival of the Bengal tiger species, nor do traveling exhibits that exploit them aid them in any way. With so many big cats in America requiring refuge at sanctuaries that are already full, these kinds of profiteers must be stopped!


Letter to
Marshall County Blueberry Festival
Please cancel the White Tiger Discovery exhibit and never, ever consider hiring another such exploitative "act" again.

White tiger "conservation" is a lie. Please do your research and you will learn that acts like this are in business purely for profit; they do nothing positive for the endangered species. They pose a public safety risk. And hundreds of baby tigers are born annually solely to be used as photo props or festival novelties, then are dumped into non-profit sanctuaries (if they are lucky) which are already full and turning away cats.

Listen to the experts, like Ron Tilson, conservation director of the Minnesota Zoo, who writes: “to produce white tigers or any other phenotypic curiosity, directors of zoos and facilities must continuously inbreed, father to daughter, to granddaughter, and so on.”

Consider the pending federal legislation that has been introduced to end the private ownership of Big Cats in America, titled the Big Cats Public Safety and Protection Act. Though you may be ignorant, there is a very large and growing population of Americans who know the truth and believe it is in your best interest not to exploit big cats, and not to support the profiteers who are desperate to keep big cats in slavery under the guise of "education" and the misnomer of "entertainment".